Rarity and Value
Experts estimate that only 1 out of every 10,000 diamonds mined is a natural color diamond. The rarest of these diamonds truly are one-of-a-kind gems. Whereas the ultimate value of a natural color diamond is based predominantly on the demand for it, the following attributes effect the value of a natural color diamond: Nowhere in gemology is beauty and value more in the eye of the beholder than in that of natural color diamonds. It is in this world that the true value of the stone will always be exactly what it is worth to you to possess it.
Attributes that Effect Value:
  1. The Rarity of Color
    The rarer the color, the more valuable the natural color diamond. Some diamonds contain modifying colors which can increase or decrease the diamond's value. The range of natural color diamonds is so broad that diamonds will range from $2,500/ct (left side) to $1,500,000/ct for some specimens on the right side.
  2. Strength Of Color.
    As mentioned previously, the value of a natural color diamond typically increases with the intensity of the most prominent color within a diamond. Laboratories grade these diamonds from light to vivid in color.
  3. The Size of the Stone
    If the color and intensity of color is the same, then the larger the stone, the more valuable the Natural Color Diamond.
  4. The Shape
    Often, some shapes are rarer than other shapes because of the weight loss incurred during manufacturing, technical difficulties involved in cutting them, and overall demand.
    • Affordable - Radiant, Cushion, Oval, Pear Shape,
    • Highest Value - Round, Princess, Emerald Cut
Quick Tips
for Consumers
A list of five expert quick tips to help make your natural color diamond purchase an educated as well as pleasant experience...